At first, you might think the idea of a button up fishing shirt seems a little silly. After all, isn’t that a bit formal for a day out on the water? As it turns out, button up fishing shirts are not only comfortable, they are practical and quite popular. At Bone On Sportswear, we are proud of our collection of button up shirts, which come in both short sleeve and long sleeve designs. We think you’ll love the way these shirts look, and we’re sure you’ll love the way they perform and feel.

Flexible All Day Long

One of the great things about button up fishing shirts is the way you can customize the feel they offer based on the conditions. When first getting started in the morning, you’ll likely want it buttoned all the way to the top, in order to keep the chill away. As the sun heats up the water, you can open up a couple of buttons for improved air flow. When wearing a long sleeve version, you can always roll the sleeves up, whether to cool off or to keep them dry as you reach down into the water.

A Range Of Fishing Features

We’ve designed these shirts for the avid angler. Our technical button-down fishing shirts include water repellent technology, mesh lined backs for enhanced breathability, pocket snaps, inside sleeve tabs and more to help ensure you have the perfect day on the water.

The quality of our products is superior, and our customer service is designed to match. We offer free shipping on orders over $50, and free returns as well. Place your order today!