What To Wear Deep Sea Fishing

Sure, you can have a great time fishing in a local pond or creek, but few things are as exciting as fishing in the open ocean. With a bit of luck, you’ll have the chance to battle giant fish and make memories that’ll last a lifetime. Your guide will likely provide most of the gear and tackle you’ll need, but it’s up to you to make sure you dress for the adventure. To make sure you’re properly outfitted, here’s what to wear deep sea fishing.

Prepare For Weather

Because deep-sea fishing typically takes place miles from the coast, you’ll experience more extreme weather conditions than you would in the relatively sheltered region surrounding the shore. To remain comfortable, you’ll need to wear clothing that protects you from these extremes. Look for fishing clothing with features to help protect you from sun, extreme temperatures, wind, and rain.

The Basics: Tops and Bottoms

Start putting together your deep-sea fishing wardrobe by picking out a comfortable pair of shorts or pants. Shorts are typically the best option when the weather is warm, but pants are obviously a better option in cool weather. It’s also wise to wear pants if you have sun-sensitive skin. Whichever type of bottoms you pick, try to select ones that will dry quickly when wet.

Pick a fishing shirt that is appropriate for the weather. Short sleeves are great for warm-weather trips, but long-sleeves are better when the winds are blowing or the temperature is low. In either case, make sure to select a shirt that will protect you from the sun’s UV rays. Water resistance is also a plus, to protect you from both rain and surf splash. Anti-microbial, stain release pieces are also great—fishing is a dirty job, after all.

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    Hats Are A Must

    The sun is harsh on the open water. To protect your head and face while deep-sea fishing, be sure to grab a quality fishing hat before heading down to the dock. Baseball cap styles are a common choice for many anglers, and wide brims can help to keep more sun off your face and neck.

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      Stay Grounded With Non-Slip Shoes

      You’ll want to wear comfortable shoes that have non-slip bottoms to prevent you from falling when you hook a giant fish. Specially designed deck shoes are the best option, but a pair of rubber-soled sneakers or boots will work too.

      Additional Gear to Bring

      Preparing for an offshore trip means more than just making sure you know what to wear for deep sea fishing. There are a few other accessories you may need to stay comfortable during your trip. Some of the most common accessories include:

      • Sunglasses. Always make sure that you bring along a pair of high-quality, UV-resistant, polarized sunglasses when heading to open water. These will help protect your eyes and eliminate the glare from the water, and they’ll help you see beneath the surface better too.
      • Chapstick. The strong winds and sunshine that are common offshore can quickly cause chapped lips, so bring along your favorite balm. Whenever possible, select one that doubles as a sunscreen to keep your lips protected from the sun.
      • Sunscreen. UV-resistant clothing will help protect your skin from the sun’s rays, but you can’t keep all of your skin covered. This is especially true when the temperatures are high. Just be sure to pick a waterproof sunscreen and reapply it as frequently as the manufacturer recommends.
      • Raincoat / Parka. A little rain won’t stop you. Just be sure to select a coat that fits snuggly, so that it won’t become snagged on your fishing gear. Bring a lightweight parka if the temperatures are high, but opt for an insulated model during the winter to keep you warm and dry.
      • Fresh Undergarments & Socks. It isn’t uncommon to become completely drenched during a day of deep-sea fishing. Even if you wear a rain-proof outer layer, water will often find a way to sneak under it, soaking your socks and undergarments. If you bring a spare set, you can change once the fishing is over and you’re returning to shore. Dry socks and undergarments can do wonders for morale after a long day of fishing.

      Final Thoughts

      Deep-sea fishing is something that every serious angler should experience at some point in their lives. Just be sure that you prepare properly with the right clothing and gear to make the most of the opportunity. Proper fishing apparel will help ensure you remain comfortable and protect you from the harsh weather that often occurs far from shore.

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